Frequently asked questions and answers about the current COVID-19 situation

In order to limit the spread of the corona virus as effective as possible, we adjust the work structures by working in spatially or temporally separated shifts or in tandem solutions. This reduces the possibilities of contact. At the same time, the following measures guarantee the maintenance of our ability to deliver. Furthermore, we have implemented the necessary hygiene regulations and adhere to the posted rules for infection protection.

All employees who have the technical requirements to work from home office can and should use this opportunity in consultation with their teams and superiors. To ensure communication within the company, home office is run in tandem shifts. This means that employees in one department work alternately in the office and at home on a weekly basis. This reduces the contact possibilities to a minimum. If this is not possible due to the working task or activities, early and late shifts are established as alternatives. Supervisors inform their employees about the exact organisation within the individual departments.

We ask for your understanding that, in order to ensure ongoing operations, not all employees can work from home at the same time. By reducing the number of employees in the office, however, we achieve sufficient freedom and distance to avoid direct contact.

In order to remain able to deliver and thus also to support our customers during this time in the best possible way, we organise production in two shifts. Shift changes are contactless, i.e. without the shifts meeting each other. In order to protect production and logistics, it is now even more important to keep the appropriate distance to colleagues. The supervisors inform their employees about the respective details.

To protect our employees, customers, suppliers and partners, direct contacts, visits or on-site appointments are suspended until further notice. The field service maintains contact with our customers by telephone and is available for support.

Due to the officially defined preventive measures, customer contacts are reduced to an absolute minimum. The field service therefore works primarily from home office and is of course available to our customers by telephone as well as electronically (via E-Mail, WhatsApp etc.).

If a telephone call results in the need for an appointment on site or personal customer contact, than this will only take place in consultation with the customer and under consideration of risks and urgencies. It goes without saying that precautionary and hygiene measures must be observed in the event of a visit.

If an employee has previous illnesses or cold symptoms, the employee must contact the respective superior and discuss the possibility of working at home. The same applies to employees who can only travel by public transportation.

Every employee is requested to strictly observe the already known and available instructions on hygiene and reduction of the possibilities of spreading the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 E!

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